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1. Two Basic Baduk Proverb  무료 2. Corner-Side-Center  무료
3. Do not follow your opponent blindl.. 4. NO Line Baduk
5. Do not try to move dead stone 6. Do not try to move dead stone
7. Samples of approach and enclosure 8. Expand your shape the most
9. Variation of one-space pincer 10. Haengma in the corner
11. What if your opponent ignore the .. 12. Way of approach and enclosure at ..
13. Defend your weak stones 14. Distinguish a important stone
15. 6 dies and 8 lives 16. Approach/Enclosure of the 3-5/4-5
17. Take a vital point 18. Select a appropriate jeongsuk
19. Focus on the whole board 20. Approach from the wider side
21. Strong Stone VS Weak Stone 22. When is the right timing to invad..
23. Variation of the 3-3point 24. Big Move? Or Urgent Move
25. Basic of Haengma
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